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Zone 6 Pet Egg Giveaway

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Hey everyone,

Welcome all beta testers. So far we have had a wonderful beta season getting everything tweaked and fixed so the server can become the best it can be. We have had wonder helpful players who always help when they can. We see that and appreciate that. So here is a token of our gratitude. In advance of the Zone 6 Level Arena we are releasing a few of the Zone 6 mob eggs. All beta players for the next 2 weeks will have the ability to get 1 free Zone 6 mob pet!

Where do you get it?

Well the Zone 6 Pet NPC is located in the middle area of prontera (@go 0)



What kind of pets can I choose from?

We have Bulbizarre



We have Salamache



We have Carapuce



Do they have any abilities for me?

YES they do!

Neutral : Max HP +2%

Cordial: Low chance of gaining 5% of the damage from a mob as HP and also Max HP +2%

Loyal: Medium chance of gaining 5% of the damage from the mob as HP and also Max HP +3%

Again this will only be available for 2 weeks so get them while you can!

1 per account please!

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