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3rd Classes Live Beta

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Hey everyone!

Welcome to the update on live beta of our 3rd class jobs. During this time there will be some gradual edits/ buffs/ nerfs/ and general reconstruction of the 3rd classes to be as balanced in the server as possible. So for the next month enjoy and play around with the 3rd classes. If you find an issue, error, bug, or anything wrong please report the issue with screenshots if possible so the issue may be fixed quickly. 

The 3rd class jobs are only available to those who have completed (175/99) of the previous job to be able to change jobs. This is accessible via the 3rd job quests that can be found here "https://irowiki.org/wiki/Quests", of you can visit the job changer and she can change your job for free (for now. There will be a cost in the future)



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