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Read Before You Donate!

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Hey Everyone,

So we have our beautiful cash shop with lots of goodies ready for everyone that wants to shop. The Cash shop will take credit points which can be given upon donation receipt.

  • The exchange is $1 = 100 points.


  • We will only accept Paypal at this time, but if you are not able to use Paypal, please talk with me (Admin ClockWork) and I will be of assistance.
    • Admin Snow will be able to help you as well.
    • Able to use debit or credit card, Paypal account not needed
    • Please take a screenshot of your final donation window that shows the donation was complete in the Paypal window. This can be done with a tool on your computer named "Snipping Tool"
      • For those who need a tutorial on this I will make a tutorial shortly and link it here.
      • You may take a screenshot with your phone or tablet as well
      • You can take a picture of your monitor or screen of the Paypal Window
      • This will be matched with a confirmed donation by an Administrator later
    • This will be your proof of purchase or receipt.
    • Write down your confirmation code given by Paypal
    • Once you have taken your screenshots please head back to the forums to create your topic
      • There are 3 ways to do this
        • There will be a Donation section where you can place a topic with your main characters name (ONLY), and amount donated.
        • You can contact one of the Admins (ClockWork or Snow) on the forums1
          • You will be asked for your receipt and confirmation code
          • Would be best to also post in the Donation forums, but not needed
          • Asked for main characters name (ONLY)
        • You can contact one of the Admins (ClockWork or Snow) on the discord channel (FASTEST RESPONSE)
          • You will be asked for your receipt and confirmation code
          • Asked for main characters name (ONLY)


  • You can access the donation window via the main website on www.pegasusro.com
    • You will need to login with your username and login for the game.


  • Please allow at least 24-48 hours to fully process your donation
    • Most of the time this can be done within 20 minutes of donation

We appreciate everyone who supports and believes in this server, and we will strive to bring you all the best we can as developers in a fun and exciting Ragnarok Game Experience!


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