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Loyal Servant of Morocc Quest (Costume)

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Hey everyone,

Lets learn how to make the Loyal Servant of Devil Morocc Costume!



First off where is the start of the quest?

  • We head to the city of Prontera (@go 0)
  • Walk straight north (towards the castle), and right before entering the castle make a right along the road so you end up going north east Prontera.


  • Once you reach the top right corner of the map you will see a church. Enter the church




  • After you enter the church walk until you enter the alter.
  • You will see Bishop Samuel off on the side. 
    • He will be wearing a White and Gold robe, with brown/graying hair, and a short stature


  • Talk with him, and he will ask you to bring him a few items to make an elixer to dispell evil spirits from a body.
  • Get the required items, and head back to bishop sam so he can combine the items into an elixer. 
  • Then head to Morty, who is in the middle of the field directly south of the town of Morroc (@go 1)
    • He will be laying on the ground along the south shore of the lake.



  • Give him the elixer,
    • If it works, then great you get the item!
    • If it does not, then head back to bishop Samuel to make another more powerful elixer, but with fewer items required.
  • Once you give Morty the more powerful elixer, then you should be able to dispell the spirits to gain the Costume!

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