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Full Download Fix

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Hey everyone,

We were just made aware of a small bug in the full installer that will ask for the location of parts of the installer, when it is not suppose to do that if they are all downloaded in the same folder. This issue is due to the renaming of a file. The installer looks for the files specifically by name when made. So we need to have all the parts with their original names. Well we accidentally added a "Part 1" on the end of the first part of the full installer. So it says "PegasusRO Full Installer - Part 1.exe" and it is suppose to say "PegasusRO Full Installer.exe"

So if you ran into this issue a simple fix would be to just rename the first part of the installer to the correct name:

PegasusRO Full Installer.exe

We have taken the old part down from the downloads page, and re-uploaded the file with the correct name so no one should be getting this issue anymore. 

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