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New MVP Room

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Hey everyone,

We have now added a MVP room for those who want to do non stop MVP hunting for those cards and gears of yours. There will be 4 lobby's (8 floors in each) for you to choose from to hunt on. Each Lobby has its own set of MVP's that spawn. 

Note: The MVP's you kill in the MVP room will not drop MVP coins, and will not be counted towards your MVP ladder score.

The NPC is located in the town of Prontera (@go 0) in the upper right portion of the center circle of town. He will be in an orange outfit. His name is MVP Warper located at (170,226)

PS: If you want to find your current location in game just enter /where in game chat. It will display your location with coordinates.


Restrictions on MVP room:

  • You cannot use Angra, Ahura, or any other weapon you can buy in the cash shop up to the 7th floor. 
    • So floors 1-7 are non Angra
    • Floor 8 of each lobby is free for everything. You are able to use your Angra if you have it
    • When you enter a lobby that is restricted, your restricted items will be stripped, and you will not be able to re-equip them until you leave the map.

Here are the list of lobby's with their respective MVP list:

  • Alpha
    • Eddga
    • Mistress
    • Moonlight Flower
    • Maya
  • Beta
    • Phreeoni
    • Turtle General
    • Orc Hero
    • Orc Lord
  • Theta
    • Drake
    • Osiris
    • Doppelganger
    • Lord of Death
  • Epsilon
    • Incantation Samurai
    • Pharoh
    • Dark Lord
    • Baphomet

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