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Updates for 04-27-2020

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to our First official updates post back. Well what we used to do is first talk about the things we have Fixed, What we have added, and finaly What we are doing. Okay so lets get started!

Things we have fixed / nerfed

  • HP and SP has been decreased to a reasonable level.
    • The HP went from 1.1 mill hp with no gear to 70k hp with no gear.
      • This is mainly due to the total disregard for health savvy items/skills if HP and SP are too high. Sorry not sorry. 
    • This will also be good for MVP ladder and PVP ladder so people have to be skillful to rank to the top.
    • Leveling will be harder, but we will add more ways for you to level.
  • Card Drop rates have been increased (from x10 to x20)

Okay lets check out the stuff we have added

  • New mall shops have been added
    • We have added 2 shops that sell "Single hand Spears" and "2 hand Spears" 
    • We have Re-added the Exit NPC
    • 932249867_spearnpcmall.JPG.8a3ece72368e979cdb99c941045a39e1.JPG


  • We have many many new items in our "MVP COIN LINE OF QUESTS" which can be found here in the guides section. 
  • Want to do some quick events to get some sweet event coins? Stop by to the Event Room npc that will teleport you to our Game Room which houses lots of events and mini games for you to participate in. The Event Room NPC can be located in the city of prontera (164, 168) 
    • PS You can find out what coordinates you are standing on by typing /where
    • 1043273110_eventroomnpc.JPG.e6de58ce1b15949bb2cdc67651f55785.JPG

Okay now lets see what we are working on

  • We are working on adding more events in the Event room, along with a few more auto events that run throughout the day around the server. 
  • We are working on fixing up the main website, and working on the loading speeds of the server and website
  • We are working on adding a new round of Custom Premium items, quest items, MVP coin quest items, and instances
  • We are almost done with our Poke Training Grounds which is a tiered leveling arena that lets you streamline through leveling.

Okay this is about all for now. thank you for joining us in the beta session of the reopening of this wonderful server. We hope we can become even better then we were before. 


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