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Recruitment Rewards

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Hey everyone,

We have noticed a steady increase in the amount of players joining the server with our basic advertisements, but to boost the population we do still need you all to help us out with inviting your friends, family, and acquaintances to try out the game. With that being said we are offering prizes to those who help the server out by inviting people to try the game.

We have decided to make a way for those who do help the server grow to be rewarded as well as reward the new comers.

We have added our new Referral NPC and Referral Rewards NPC
These NPC's are located in the city of Morroc (@go 1) towards the right of the @go warp to morroc

Referral NPC: Morocc, 133, 104

Rewards NPC: Morocc, 131, 104


Referral Me:

  • This npc will ask the new player to type in the name of the player who has recruited them
    • This npc will check mac and local IP to check for duplicate accounts
      • All attempts are logged so if you do try and cheat the system, then you will be banned.
  • Once the name has been confirmed as a player's name in the game the npc will run a counter.
    • You as the new player have to play the game for 1 week (at least 2 hours a day) (login every day for a week) to receive the rewards on the NPC located directly next to the Referral npc
    • After the 7 days both the recruiter and recruitee will be able to collect a reward (after meeting the minimum of 2 recruits per 1 point for the recruiter)
  • This can be repeated for every new player that is invited.
  • Recap on requirements to get a reward:
    • Recruiter must invite 2 people who have met the requirements
    • Recruitee must login every day for a week (7 days)
    • Recruitee must stay logged in for a total of 2 hours every day
    • Recruitee must be new

Referral Reward NPC:

  • This npc gives 1 item every 2 recruitment requirement completions
  • Items in NPC are:
    • x1 Bag of Credits
    • x1 Half Angel Wings
    • x1 Half Angel Helm
    • x1 Half Devil Wings
    • x1 Half Devil Helm
    • x1 Wings of Victory
    • x1 Black Cat Costume
    • x1 White Cat Costume
    • x1 Penguin Costume
    • x1 Rabbit Costume 

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