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Hey everyone,

We have been working hard to promote more people to try out our pvp room. Which is located in prontera (@go 0) (144, 196)

HINT: You can use /where to find your current location of a map with the coordinates to navigate


So to help with that we have released kill streak announcements and a pvp stats npc to check up on how your doing amongst everyone in pvp.

Firstly the PVP Stats Info npc is located in rachel (@go 23) (133,101). This npc is directly to your bottom right when you warp to the town of rachel.


This npc can show numerous things such as:

  • The most kills that have been gotten
  • The highest killstreak
  • The longest ownage streak
  • Your own pvp information
  • Explanation of all the pvp information


The PVP announcer will announce when you have gotten a kill streak going in any pvp room globally to increase awareness that you are owning the pvp room.

This will not work with those who are: Under level 70, Kill the same player more then 5 times, No more then 40 levels over the person that has been killed.

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