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Welcome everyone!

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Hey everyone!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the reopening of the awesome Pegasus RO server, that was temporarily closed due to a major hack. So yea we will try and do better, and have setup proper securities to stop from this ever happening again. To greet all the new and old players of the server we will be offering tons of free items for new and old players alike. So to start out we will be offering 10,000 credits per account ($100 worth and non tradable) for everyone to buy whatever their heart desires in our cash shop store, and also a 20% discount on current credits (so 1000 credits would cost $8.00 instead of $10), along with a ton of freebies to start your adventure off right.

Beta Players:

For those who come in the server for the first 2 weeks will gain access to beta player special events, beta player only forums section, Special discounts for beta players, and much more. So get in early while you can!

Old Friends:

For those who have been with us (and we know who you are) we will be offering other major prizes, gifts, and thank yous from the staff just for being with us every step of the way. So if you think you may be one of these players please contact an Admin, and we will gladly offer the best to thank you for everything you have contributed to the server!

Happy New Years everyone!

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