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Translations and Bug Fixes

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Hey everyone,

Thank you for joining our community and we hope you stay with us for a bit so you can witness the greatness in the making here! Okay enough of that stuff lets get to what we have been doing.

First off!

  • Translation issues are known and are being handled accordingly. We have fixed translation problems so far in "Achievements" window, "Tip box", "Map", and a few various item descriptions.
    • We still are in the works of fixing translations for some quests. If you do find a quest with these weird characters instead of english dialog please report it with screenshots, name of npc, and quest being done.
  • We had a small issue with the patcher not being able to connect and download patches as they come out. This issue has been fixed so everyone should be able to patch their client. if you are still not able to please post in the bug reports section of the forums with your issue. You will be helped in a timely manner.
  • We are working on migrating old information posts, updates, and news that were implemented in the server before we went down late last year. All scripts and quests are still available in the server, so these posts are crucial to keeping everyone informed of things that are in the server, and what has changed.
  • We are starting our recruitment event that will award a recruiter (you) with 2 of your friends with a choice of free custom items such as "Angra manyu", "Ahura Mazda", "Sleipnir", Custom wings, and much more. So invite those friends to join you in this adventure to get you and your buddies a few free gear to get you ahead of the pack! More info coming soon!

Well that is all that is going on at the moment, we will keep you updated of fixes, additions, and alters to the server as needed.

Hope you all have a wonderful day! 

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