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  1. Hey everyone! So we are back once again with some edits to the server to make the playing experience better. This time I have added a proxy server in Singapore, that will cover the Asian country connections to the server. There is also a proxy for the US and America players. This will allow a more streamline gaming experience, and with less lag. I hope this is good news for everyone, and I hope you all enjoy the new server. If there is anyone that has a shaky connection to either of the proxies, and want to request a proxy please do not hesitate to ask. We want PegasusRO to be accessible to everyone that wants to access it! Just leave a post in the "Bugs and Suggestion" section of the forums.
  2. Okay so we have been getting mixed messages about paypal being our main source to donate. This is by far the fastest and most secure way for us to receive donations, but we do not want to hinder those that want to donate from being able to do so just because of the platform to transfer the funds. So we are going to expand our options. So now there will be some extra rules to abide by when using these alternative methods to make sure the transaction executes flawlessly. So first when sending the donation through one of these alternate ways, please include your account username as a comment in the donation, along with a character name that is on the account for further verification. Please also place "Donation For Pegasus Ragnarok Online" in the comments as well. Please allow up to 24-72 hours to verify the donation and execute The minimum accepted donation is $5 So now lets get to the alternatives! CashApp: So you will need to cashapp your donation to: $clockwork993 Dont forget to add your account username, a character name, and the message "Donation For Pegasus Ragnarok Online" in comment! Venmo: so you will need to venmo your donation to: @clockwork993 Dont forget to add your account username, a character name, and the message "Donation For Pegasus Ragnarok Online" in comment! Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and Etherium) For those that are going to donate via crypto, please email us at [email protected] & PM me (ADMIN ClockWork) on forums with: Title of the message should be "Donation for Pegasus Ragnarok Online" You Account Username A Character name on the account A screenshot of the transaction complete screen when sending The amount sent For those who send via crypto do not forget to send enough to cover the transaction fee for the transfer, or you will only receive the amount received. EX: you send $10 in bitcoin, but it cost .50 cents to transfer. So we receive $9.50 instead of $10. So you would receive 950 credits instead of 1000 So to fix this you will send $10.50 worth of bitcoin to cover the .50 cents transfer fee. PegasusRO Bitcoin Address: 1NWYo8AEvec4dvXJm2prCsxeZMCzN6ECk5 PegasusRO Etherium Address: 0xD8713B595Be82FdA079918c2a03D07E16De96349 More coming soon
  3. So, apparently the database was missing the drops for the doram class so I have added some of the items in, and will continue to add more in. I will also list the mobs and a reference for the mob drops so you can easily access the info. Antler Scaraba: divine-pride.net Monster - Antler Scaraba (divine-pride.net) Combat Basilisk (Red): divine-pride.net Monster - Combat Basilisk (divine-pride.net) Combat Basilisk (Green): divine-pride.net Monster - Combat Basilisk (divine-pride.net) Other doram items (If there are any that you would like to see that are not in game please post suggestions!
  4. Clockwork

    Gefenia Fix

    So apparently in the new patch from kro their is an error with the new gefenia map and our client which is not compatible. So I released a new patch that reverts back to the original gefenia map. So if you have not already please run the PegasusRo Patcher please do so you will not get any resource errors in game when warping to any gefenia maps!
  5. Hey everyone, I got this question in game, and wanted to just put the information on forums for anyone else that may also have this question. If you are playing on the Summoner class (Doram race) (Kitty Race lol) you will run into an issue with your skill tree. You will get to a point where you will have skill points and skills that you can raise, but they wont raise. Well this is not a problem in the game. It is just the doram race (summoner) has a cap on its lower skills and upper skills to spread out the job and skill adding system. So the if you run into a scenario like this dont worry. All you have to do is get to level 100. That is all. There is a level limit on some skills (Like Hiss) that will only allow you to raise the skill once you are level 100+ Enjoy the knowledge 🙂
  6. Hey Everyone, So we have our beautiful cash shop with lots of goodies ready for everyone that wants to shop. The Cash shop will take credit points which can be given upon donation receipt. The exchange is $1 = 100 points. We will only accept Paypal at this time, but if you are not able to use Paypal, please talk with me (Admin ClockWork) and I will be of assistance. Admin Snow will be able to help you as well. Able to use debit or credit card, Paypal account not needed Please take a screenshot of your final donation window that shows the donation was complete in the Paypal window. This can be done with a tool on your computer named "Snipping Tool" For those who need a tutorial on this I will make a tutorial shortly and link it here. You may take a screenshot with your phone or tablet as well You can take a picture of your monitor or screen of the Paypal Window This will be matched with a confirmed donation by an Administrator later This will be your proof of purchase or receipt. Write down your confirmation code given by Paypal Once you have taken your screenshots please head back to the forums to create your topic There are 3 ways to do this There will be a Donation section where you can place a topic with your main characters name (ONLY), and amount donated. You will be further contacted for your receipt and confirmation code Can be found here: Donation Confirmation Center You can contact one of the Admins (ClockWork or Snow) on the forums1 You will be asked for your receipt and confirmation code Would be best to also post in the Donation forums, but not needed Asked for main characters name (ONLY) You can contact one of the Admins (ClockWork or Snow) on the discord channel (FASTEST RESPONSE) You will be asked for your receipt and confirmation code Asked for main characters name (ONLY) You can access the donation window via the main website on www.pegasusro.com You will need to login with your username and login for the game. Please allow at least 24-48 hours to fully process your donation Most of the time this can be done within 20 minutes of donation We appreciate everyone who supports and believes in this server, and we will strive to bring you all the best we can as developers in a fun and exciting Ragnarok Game Experience!
  7. Clockwork

    Updated Patcher

    For those of you who have downloaded the game before today, Please download this patcher and replace your old patcher with this new one. The old patcher will not work anymore, and is not connected to our patched website. So to stay up to date please download this file! <<<<< Click Me For Patcher Download >>>>>
  8. Special Enchant LevelsTypeLevelsMettle Lv. 1 Atk + 3% Hit + 3 Lv. 2 Atk + 6% Hit + 6 Lv. 3 Atk + 9% Hit + 9 Lv. 4 Atk + 12% Hit + 12 Lv. 5 Atk + 15% Hit + 15 Lv. 6 Atk + 18% Hit + 18 Lv. 7 Atk + 21% Hit + 21 Lv. 8 Atk + 24% Hit + 24 Lv. 9 Atk + 27% Hit + 27 Lv. 10 Atk + 33% Hit + 30 Magic Essence Lv. 1 Matk + 3% FCT -0.1s Lv. 2 Matk + 6% FCT -0.2s Lv. 3 Matk + 9% FCT -0.3s Lv. 4 Matk + 12% FCT -0.4s Lv. 5 Matk + 15% FCT -0.5s Lv. 6 Matk + 18% FCT -0.6s Lv. 7 Matk + 21% FCT -0.7s Lv. 8 Matk + 24% FCT -0.8s Lv. 9 Matk + 27% FCT -0.9s Lv. 10 Matk + 33% FCT -1.0s Acute Lv. 1 Crit + 3 Critical damage + 10% Lv. 2 Crit + 6 Critical damage + 20% Lv. 3 Crit + 9 Critical damage + 30% Lv. 4 Crit + 12 Critical damage + 40% Lv. 5 Crit + 15 Critical damage + 50% Lv. 6 Crit + 18 Critical damage + 60% Lv. 7 Crit + 21 Critical damage + 70% Lv. 8 Crit + 24 Critical damage + 80% Lv. 9 Crit + 27 Critical damage + 90% Lv. 10 Crit + 30 Critical damage + 110% Master Archer Lv. 1 Aspd + 1% Bow damage + 4% Lv. 2 Aspd + 2% Bow damage + 8% Lv. 3 Aspd + 3% Bow damage + 12% Lv. 4 Aspd + 4% Bow damage + 16% Lv. 5 Aspd + 5% Bow damage + 20% Lv. 6 Aspd + 6% Bow damage + 24% Lv. 7 Aspd + 7% Bow damage + 28% Lv. 8 Aspd + 8% Bow damage + 32% Lv. 9 Aspd + 9% Bow damage + 36% Lv. 10 Aspd + 10% Bow damage + 44% Adamantine Lv. 1 Max HP + 5% Def + 15 Lv. 2 Max HP + 10% Def + 30 Lv. 3 Max HP + 15% Def + 45 Lv. 4 Max HP + 20% Def + 60 Lv. 5 Max HP + 25% Def + 75 Lv. 6 Max HP + 30% Def + 90 Lv. 7 Max HP + 35% Def + 105 Lv. 8 Max HP + 40% Def + 120 Lv. 9 Max HP + 45% Def + 135 Lv. 10 Max HP + 55% Def + 150 Affection Lv. 1 Mdef + 3 Recovery skill power + 5% Lv. 2 Mdef + 6 Recovery skill power + 10% Lv. 3 Mdef + 9 Recovery skill power + 15% Lv. 4 Mdef + 12 Recovery skill power + 20% Lv. 5 Mdef + 15 Recovery skill power + 25% Lv. 6 Mdef + 18 Recovery skill power + 30% Lv. 7 Mdef + 21 Recovery skill power + 35% Lv. 8 Mdef + 24 Recovery skill power + 40% Lv. 9 Mdef + 27 Recovery skill power + 45% Lv. 10 Mdef + 30 Recovery skill power + 55% different 4th enchantments for bio 5 head gears that can be gotten
  9. first need to get in to slums of lighthalzen keep talking to npc at lighthalzen 265 200 or by doing the friendship quest inlighthalzen and just talk to him once after that. then to lighthalzen 321/218 Ask him about the Tomb of the Fallen: Gives background and story information about the dungeon. Return to the Tomb of the Fallen: Enter the dungeon by paying 100,000z, and appear at lhz_dun_n 98/201 (western side of the dungeon). Note that there is no confirmation. As soon as you select this option, your money will be taken and you will be warped. Say 'That's too much zeny': Be granted an option of paying 10 Research Charts to enter instead another way is the girl alittle south of first npc lighthalzen 320/204 Go where the monsters roam: Pay 150,000z to enter the dungeon. She will make you appear at @navi lhz_dun_n 162/254. This room is often plagued with monsters however, if you can muster it, you will be able to use the Questionable Device in the top right corner of the room by walking up to it where it will restore you to full HP once and avoid the higher cost of the 2nd method. You are unable to interact with the enchanter, old headgear creator and soul exchange NPCs however and will have to make your way through the often congested area of the dungeon. Enter the Sanctuary: Pay 2,000,000z to enter the Sanctuary, a location in a separate map that contain copies of all four NPCs used to enchant and create Old Headgears, trade same type souls for one soul of choice and access to Storages (Doram Kafra NPC). What kind of place is it?: Gives background and story information about the sanctuary location.
  10. Okay we have implemented a mass identifying npc that will identify all items in your inventory for 100 zeny each. The npc's name is Identify Frank and he is located on the right side of the big christmas tree in the middle of the town of Lutie (xman, 165, 143). This is @go 7
  11. Clockwork

    MVP Room

    Hey everyone, We have now added a MVP room for those who want to do non stop MVP hunting for those cards and gears of yours. There will be 4 lobby's (8 floors in each) for you to choose from to hunt on. Each Lobby has its own set of MVP's that spawn. Note: The MVP's you kill in the MVP room will not drop MVP coins, and will not be counted towards your MVP ladder score. The NPC is located in the town of Prontera (@go 0) in the upper right portion of the center circle of town. He will be in an orange outfit. His name is MVP Warper located at (170,226) PS: If you want to find your current location in game just enter /where in game chat. It will display your location with coordinates. Restrictions on MVP room: You cannot use Angra, Ahura, or any other weapon you can buy in the cash shop up to the 7th floor. So floors 1-7 are non Angra Floor 8 of each lobby is free for everything. You are able to use your Angra if you have it When you enter a lobby that is restricted, your restricted items will be stripped, and you will not be able to re-equip them until you leave the map. Here are the list of lobby's with their respective MVP list: Alpha Eddga Mistress Moonlight Flower Maya Beta Phreeoni Turtle General Orc Hero Orc Lord Theta Drake Osiris Doppelganger Lord of Death Epsilon Incantation Samurai Pharoh Dark Lord Baphomet
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