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    Hey everyone, Welcome to the great PegasusRO server. Here is a backstory of what happened, and how we are going to pay back to those who lost accounts before the crash. First off what happened was a mix of a lot of things. We had a surge of hacks and ddos attacks come in and totally wreck the server. The backups that were kept were temporarily out of service due to backups being hosted on a separate server still on the same host. Well that server went down as well. So we had no way of accessing any files of any sort for months. I then had a great plan to backdoor in the server in a long rooted plan to get our stuff back. Well this ended up working, but only after we all moved on from the project. Well now we are back smarter, better prepared, and ready to get things back to the way they were. Okay now the redemption. I currently have access to all old accounts that were lost. So we are going to open a redemption application process that will allow you to redeem credits for the price of your old account. So how will we price the accounts? All players that held an account previously will automatically receive 3,000 credits to use as they please. On top of this you will get an equal amount of credits for every custom donate item that your old account held. So if you bought 2 wings, 3 helms, and 1 lower. Then you would get an extra 4,000 for the wings, 6,000 for the helm, and 1,000 for the lower depending on the price of the custom. So all together that would be 14,000 credits. If you registered an account and started playing on or before April 1st of 2019, then you will get an extra 2000 credits. Last if you bring 2 people with you to register and play, you will receive an extra 1000 credits (not including the recruitment event so this could be double the prize) Now the way you apply is via email to: [email protected] with the title "Account Redemption" along with a few other things: Your account username Your Actual Name A character name on your account When did you first starting playing on this server before the close? 2 Custom items that you may have had in the server (Such as wings or a custom helm) (Angra, ahura, and sleipnir do not count) What brought you back? If you are bringing any friends with you, then I need their character names to verify they are new (or returning), and to check for fraud (you making multiple accounts to get the prize) just to tell you we can tell if you make multiple accounts in many ways. So please don't be sneaky or deceitful. You will be punished. We hope this can reconcile what you have lost in the previous server, and we hope you enjoy yourself in the new and improved PegasusRO!
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    Hey everyone, We have been experiencing a few small lag spikes within the host, so the server may experience some as well. Please be aware that this may happen on and off for the next day or 2. We will keep you updated as we get more information.
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