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  1. PegasusRO Full Install

    Welcome to PegasusRO Full Installer Download!
    Alternative Download on Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KJ1T-RIm3IWtH5gSW4HHM6S_09u43XCE/view?usp=sharing

    We have made the download process pretty easy for you so you will not have to spend all day trying to get in the game. So all you have to do is :
    Click the "PegasusRO Full Installer.exe" file. You might have to right click and click "Run as Administrator" Not always necessary  Follow the setup process. This file is more then 4 gb due to the mass amount of customs input within the server so get ready! Have patience and let the installer do its thing. Install preferably in  C:/Program Files (x86)/PegasusRO Once you are finished with the installer you will need to run the "Setup.exe" file followed by the "PegasusRO Patcher.exe" File to make sure you are up to date with everything Within the setup application window set your desired resolution for your screen size of the game. I normally do full screen! Once you are done you can access web resources such as forums, website, registration, and voting directly from the buttons on the patcher. Just give them a click. Make sure to register for an account! Then start the game and enjoy! You can also make a physical desktop shortcut by right clicking the .exe file (PegasusRO Patcher.exe) and copy. Then go to your desktop and right click on any blank space on the desktop. Click on the "Paste Shortcut" button. Then you have made a shortcut of the Patcher. You can also do that for the "Setup.exe" file. This is for easy access.



  2. PegasusRO Simi Install

    This version does not include data.grf or rdata.grf. Please download the latest kro from https://ro.industrial-illusions.net/files/
    Alternative download for this file on google drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zDp21IpjpZUa9fQb6w_rNhIh6Ckb1MAY
    Then add the data.grf and rdata.grf from the latest kro into these files.
    Dont forget to make a shortcut of the patcher and setup files to your desktop by right clicking the file, then copy. Go to desktop and right click anywhere blank, then paste shortcut.



  3. PegasusRO Small Installer

    This lite installer combined with these files will allow you to play the game. More info soon

    KRO: https://ro.industrial-illusions.net/files/
    Small Installer on Google Drive (This is an alternative if the download to the right does not work): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UK7LHH3dbx2Pmko76D0sGzqyEW6bLqVz
    ~Please choose the most recent kro.
    Download KRO first, and then run the small installer over the kro folder so it installs all the PegasusRO files inside the kro folder. 
    Then run the Setup.exe file and choose your desired resolution.
    After run the Patcher to start the game.



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