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  2. Hey you all! So we have a few doram gear that has been added to the mob drop database. So now we will be able to hunt a few armors, shoes, and manteaus. Okay lets list out the gear and their respective mobs that drop them. This will also include the % of dropping. More info about doram gear can be seen here: ~~<Click Me >~~ Doram Elegant Suit [1] MOB: Fruits Pom Spider [3507] [0.10%] Doram Elegant Manteau [1] MOB: Pom Spider [2132] [0.01%] Doram Elegant Shoes [1] MOB: Charge Basilisk [3504] [0.20%] Doram Luxury Suit [1] MOB: Swift Scaraba [2799] [0.03%] MOB: Scaraba [0.03%] Doram Luxury Manteau [1] MOB: Rake Scaraba [2086] [0.03%] Doram Luxury Shoes [1] MOB: Scaraba [2084] [0.03%]
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  4. Hey everyone, So with donations, we have not setup automatic donation credit transfers so we can physically verify each donation. This is just early beta work so we can verify manually each transaction. We will be offering a bonus for each donation due to manual verification's. Verification time will normally happen within the hour of purchase, but may vary. If you have any questions about your donation please contact me via: forums direct message a forum topic email: [email protected] In game: I am sitting in the middle of prontera most of the day. yes I will most likely be on so just ask as you wish. If I do not reply immediately, please be patient. I will answer back timely.
  5. Hey everyone, Welcome all beta testers. So far we have had a wonderful beta season getting everything tweaked and fixed so the server can become the best it can be. We have had wonder helpful players who always help when they can. We see that and appreciate that. So here is a token of our gratitude. In advance of the Zone 6 Level Arena we are releasing a few of the Zone 6 mob eggs. All beta players for the next 2 weeks will have the ability to get 1 free Zone 6 mob pet! Where do you get it? Well the Zone 6 Pet NPC is located in the middle area of prontera (@go 0) What kind of pets can I choose from? We have Bulbizarre We have Salamache We have Carapuce Do they have any abilities for me? YES they do! Neutral : Max HP +2% Cordial: Low chance of gaining 5% of the damage from a mob as HP and also Max HP +2% Loyal: Medium chance of gaining 5% of the damage from the mob as HP and also Max HP +3% Again this will only be available for 2 weeks so get them while you can! 1 per account please!
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  7. Hey everyone! Welcome to the update on live beta of our 3rd class jobs. During this time there will be some gradual edits/ buffs/ nerfs/ and general reconstruction of the 3rd classes to be as balanced in the server as possible. So for the next month enjoy and play around with the 3rd classes. If you find an issue, error, bug, or anything wrong please report the issue with screenshots if possible so the issue may be fixed quickly. The 3rd class jobs are only available to those who have completed (175/99) of the previous job to be able to change jobs. This is accessible via the 3rd job quests that can be found here "https://irowiki.org/wiki/Quests", of you can visit the job changer and she can change your job for free (for now. There will be a cost in the future) Enjoy!
  8. first need to get in to slums of lighthalzen keep talking to npc at lighthalzen 265 200 or by doing the friendship quest inlighthalzen and just talk to him once after that. then to lighthalzen 321/218 Ask him about the Tomb of the Fallen: Gives background and story information about the dungeon. Return to the Tomb of the Fallen: Enter the dungeon by paying 100,000z, and appear at lhz_dun_n 98/201 (western side of the dungeon). Note that there is no confirmation. As soon as you select this option, your money will be taken and you will be warped. Say 'That's too much zeny': Be granted an option of paying 10 Research Charts to enter instead another way is the girl alittle south of first npc lighthalzen 320/204 Go where the monsters roam: Pay 150,000z to enter the dungeon. She will make you appear at @navi lhz_dun_n 162/254. This room is often plagued with monsters however, if you can muster it, you will be able to use the Questionable Device in the top right corner of the room by walking up to it where it will restore you to full HP once and avoid the higher cost of the 2nd method. You are unable to interact with the enchanter, old headgear creator and soul exchange NPCs however and will have to make your way through the often congested area of the dungeon. Enter the Sanctuary: Pay 2,000,000z to enter the Sanctuary, a location in a separate map that contain copies of all four NPCs used to enchant and create Old Headgears, trade same type souls for one soul of choice and access to Storages (Doram Kafra NPC). What kind of place is it?: Gives background and story information about the sanctuary location.
  9. Thank you for the error report. This item is supposed to be on the middle slot. I have gotten that fixed, and thank you for the report. Come see me in game for a reward 🙂 Also I am glad to hear you are enjoying the server so far!
  10. Hello. I bought 10 Gift New Starts in the Eden Market, but they didn't give me anything. ㅠㅠ Did I misunderstand how to use them? If so, what are they for?
  11. Hello, new gamer here. Love the server so far! But there's just one thing I noticed about one of the items in the Cash Shop. I recently purchased Feather Ring, and it's listed as a Mid Headgear. I thought it would pair well with the Chester's Cat Ears, which is why I decided to buy it. However, when I tried to put it on, it wouldn't go to the Mid Headgear slot but replace the Upper Headgear I had on instead. Perhaps it was really intended to be an Upper Headgear item? Hope you guys can look into it. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  12. Hello everyone, Today someone brought it to my attention that Geffenia is throwing errors when you warp there. So for now Geffenia is disabled in the Warper npc. Please avoid going to Geffenia until the map has been fixed. Thank you!
  13. ClockWork

    Job Exp Bar Issue

    Hey everyone, There was an issue with the job exp bar disappearing at around level 50-70 depending on your class. This issue has been fixed within the patch (05-07-2020). So dont forget to run your patcher to be able to see your job exp bar all the way to max level. Sorry for this small issue!
  14. Hey everyone! We are glad everyone is enjoying going out there and killing those sweet MVP's and as we see it really can pay off be it cards, good gear, or MVP LADDER REWARDS!!!!! So lets get some rules here before I announce our winners. Only 1 character per account can recieve the full amount for their placement. All other characters will get a small prize so others can get some too. Will still be sweet! There will be 3 winners Each winner will need to contact me to get their reward Okay now that we have that out the way lets check out our winners! 1st Place Kainblackwind [ 459 kills ] Duke [ 109 kills ] ( Same account will get smaller prize ) Draco [ 83 kills ] ( Same account will get smaller prize ) 2nd Place Nixion [ 25 kills ] 3rd Place Prashubanton [ 15 kills ] Please contact ClockWork in game (normally sitting in prontera (@go 0)) for your prizes! MVP Ladder has been reset. Good luck for next month!
  15. ClockWork

    Full Download Fix

    Hey everyone, We were just made aware of a small bug in the full installer that will ask for the location of parts of the installer, when it is not suppose to do that if they are all downloaded in the same folder. This issue is due to the renaming of a file. The installer looks for the files specifically by name when made. So we need to have all the parts with their original names. Well we accidentally added a "Part 1" on the end of the first part of the full installer. So it says "PegasusRO Full Installer - Part 1.exe" and it is suppose to say "PegasusRO Full Installer.exe" So if you ran into this issue a simple fix would be to just rename the first part of the installer to the correct name: PegasusRO Full Installer.exe We have taken the old part down from the downloads page, and re-uploaded the file with the correct name so no one should be getting this issue anymore.
  16. ClockWork

    New MVP Room

    Hey everyone, We have now added a MVP room for those who want to do non stop MVP hunting for those cards and gears of yours. There will be 4 lobby's (8 floors in each) for you to choose from to hunt on. Each Lobby has its own set of MVP's that spawn. Note: The MVP's you kill in the MVP room will not drop MVP coins, and will not be counted towards your MVP ladder score. The NPC is located in the town of Prontera (@go 0) in the upper right portion of the center circle of town. He will be in an orange outfit. His name is MVP Warper located at (170,226) PS: If you want to find your current location in game just enter /where in game chat. It will display your location with coordinates. Restrictions on MVP room: You cannot use Angra, Ahura, or any other weapon you can buy in the cash shop up to the 7th floor. So floors 1-7 are non Angra Floor 8 of each lobby is free for everything. You are able to use your Angra if you have it When you enter a lobby that is restricted, your restricted items will be stripped, and you will not be able to re-equip them until you leave the map. Here are the list of lobby's with their respective MVP list: Alpha Eddga Mistress Moonlight Flower Maya Beta Phreeoni Turtle General Orc Hero Orc Lord Theta Drake Osiris Doppelganger Lord of Death Epsilon Incantation Samurai Pharoh Dark Lord Baphomet
  17. Hello everyone, Welcome to our First official updates post back. Well what we used to do is first talk about the things we have Fixed, What we have added, and finaly What we are doing. Okay so lets get started! Things we have fixed / nerfed HP and SP has been decreased to a reasonable level. The HP went from 1.1 mill hp with no gear to 70k hp with no gear. This is mainly due to the total disregard for health savvy items/skills if HP and SP are too high. Sorry not sorry. This will also be good for MVP ladder and PVP ladder so people have to be skillful to rank to the top. Leveling will be harder, but we will add more ways for you to level. Card Drop rates have been increased (from x10 to x20) Okay lets check out the stuff we have added New mall shops have been added We have added 2 shops that sell "Single hand Spears" and "2 hand Spears" We have Re-added the Exit NPC We have many many new items in our "MVP COIN LINE OF QUESTS" which can be found here in the guides section. Want to do some quick events to get some sweet event coins? Stop by to the Event Room npc that will teleport you to our Game Room which houses lots of events and mini games for you to participate in. The Event Room NPC can be located in the city of prontera (164, 168) PS You can find out what coordinates you are standing on by typing /where Okay now lets see what we are working on We are working on adding more events in the Event room, along with a few more auto events that run throughout the day around the server. We are working on fixing up the main website, and working on the loading speeds of the server and website We are working on adding a new round of Custom Premium items, quest items, MVP coin quest items, and instances We are almost done with our Poke Training Grounds which is a tiered leveling arena that lets you streamline through leveling. Okay this is about all for now. thank you for joining us in the beta session of the reopening of this wonderful server. We hope we can become even better then we were before.
  18. I found out why the Patcher is not working properly for you guys. I thought about it and realized that I installed it in the Windows drive instead of my HHD. so delete it all and reinstall it in my HHD as PegasusRO folder, But if you already have it installed in the HHD and Windows. Delete the windows one and reinstall it over the HHD PegasusRO folder and replace all if it asks you. After that it should work perfectly fine, after I reinstalled it the patcher went through and it didn't delete itself.
  19. Hey everyone, Lets learn how to make the Loyal Servant of Devil Morocc Costume! First off where is the start of the quest? We head to the city of Prontera (@go 0) Walk straight north (towards the castle), and right before entering the castle make a right along the road so you end up going north east Prontera. Once you reach the top right corner of the map you will see a church. Enter the church After you enter the church walk until you enter the alter. You will see Bishop Samuel off on the side. He will be wearing a White and Gold robe, with brown/graying hair, and a short stature Talk with him, and he will ask you to bring him a few items to make an elixer to dispell evil spirits from a body. Get the required items, and head back to bishop sam so he can combine the items into an elixer. Then head to Morty, who is in the middle of the field directly south of the town of Morroc (@go 1) He will be laying on the ground along the south shore of the lake. Give him the elixer, If it works, then great you get the item! If it does not, then head back to bishop Samuel to make another more powerful elixer, but with fewer items required. Once you give Morty the more powerful elixer, then you should be able to dispell the spirits to gain the Costume!
  20. ClockWork

    Lag Spike Issues

    Hey everyone, We have been experiencing a few small lag spikes within the host, so the server may experience some as well. Please be aware that this may happen on and off for the next day or 2. We will keep you updated as we get more information.
  21. Hey everyone! Here is a guide on the autumn leaves costume The npc location to create this item is located in the town of veins (@go 24) PS: You can use /where to find your current location PS: You can use @go by itself to see a list of the town warps and their respective number id for @go Once you have made it to Veins please head West to the edge of the map. The NPC location is (72, 222) The npc will be a guy in a long robe and a staff surrounded by camels. The required items to make this helm is: 100 Hinalle Leaflet 100 Huge Leaf 100 Soft Blade of Grass 100 Raccoon Leaf 100 Sharp Leaf 1 MVP Coin
  22. Hey everyone, Welcome to the Bouncing hair quest guide! This item is a bit of hair sticking up off your head, and moves, or bounces, in the wind as you walk. So lets get started! First up we need to head over to the town of geffen (@go 2) PS: You can use /where to find your current location PS: You can use @go by itself to see a list of the town warps and their respective number id for @go Once you have made your way to Geffen please head to the top right of the map at location (208, 155) for the quest npc The npc will be a lady with Golden hair, a red dress, and is named Helga. She offers 8 different colors for the Bouncing hair. Black, Blue, Crimson, Green, Violet, Red, White, and Yellow Each require its own list of items to complete the quest. Black needs: 100 Black Hair 100 Glossy Hair 100 Cactus Needles 1 Hair Band 10 Black Dyestuffs 500 Mucus 1 Golden MVP Coin Blue needs: 100 Blue Hair 100 Glossy Hair 100 Cactus Needles 1 Hair Band 10 Cobaltblue Dyestuffs 500 Mucus 1 Golden MVP Coin Crimson needs: 100 Black Hair 100 Glossy Hair 100 Cactus Needles 1 Hair Band 5 Darkgreen Dyestuffs 5 Scarlet Dyestuffs 500 Mucus 1 Golden MVP Coin Green needs: 100 Blue Hair 100 Glossy Hair 100 Cactus Needles 1 Hair Band 10 Darkgreen Dyestuffs 500 Mucus 1 Golden MVP Coin Violet needs: 100 Blue Hair 100 Glossy Hair 100 Cactus Needles 1 Hair Band 10 Violet Dyestuffs 500 Mucus 1 Golden MVP Coin Red needs: 100 Black Hair 100 Glossy Hair 100 Cactus Needles 1 Hair Band 10 Scarlet Dyestuffs 500 Mucus 1 Golden MVP Coin White needs: 100 Blue Hair 100 Glossy Hair 100 Cactus Needles 1 Hair Band 10 White Dyestuffs 500 Mucus 1 Golden MVP Coin Yellow needs: 100 Black Hair 100 Glossy Hair 100 Cactus Needles 1 Hair Band 10 Yellow Dyestuffs 500 Mucus 1 Golden MVP Coin
  23. Hey everyone, We have noticed a steady increase in the amount of players joining the server with our basic advertisements, but to boost the population we do still need you all to help us out with inviting your friends, family, and acquaintances to try out the game. With that being said we are offering prizes to those who help the server out by inviting people to try the game. We have decided to make a way for those who do help the server grow to be rewarded as well as reward the new comers. We have added our new Referral NPC and Referral Rewards NPC These NPC's are located in the city of Morroc (@go 1) towards the right of the @go warp to morroc Referral NPC: Morocc, 133, 104 Rewards NPC: Morocc, 131, 104 Referral Me: This npc will ask the new player to type in the name of the player who has recruited them This npc will check mac and local IP to check for duplicate accounts DO NOT TRY TO CHEAT THE SYSTEM. All attempts are logged so if you do try and cheat the system, then you will be banned. Once the name has been confirmed as a player's name in the game the npc will run a counter. You as the new player have to play the game for 1 week (at least 2 hours a day) (login every day for a week) to receive the rewards on the NPC located directly next to the Referral npc After the 7 days both the recruiter and recruitee will be able to collect a reward (after meeting the minimum of 2 recruits per 1 point for the recruiter) This can be repeated for every new player that is invited. Recap on requirements to get a reward: Recruiter must invite 2 people who have met the requirements Recruitee must login every day for a week (7 days) Recruitee must stay logged in for a total of 2 hours every day Recruitee must be new Referral Reward NPC: This npc gives 1 item every 2 recruitment requirement completions Items in NPC are: x1 Bag of Credits x1 Half Angel Wings x1 Half Angel Helm x1 Half Devil Wings x1 Half Devil Helm x1 Wings of Victory x1 Black Cat Costume x1 White Cat Costume x1 Penguin Costume x1 Rabbit Costume
  24. Okay so you are playing and you are getting these PM pop ups from your friends which are annoying you, or you teleport right when the PM gets to you and its lost forever. Well there is a way to fix that my friends. lets put it back into the chat window! So First off we are going to open the party menu by holding alt and then hit z (alt + Z) Then look at the bottom of this window and you will see a Friends tab and a Party tab. Click on the friends tab Next you will see a Magnifying glass at the bottom right above the friend and party tabs. Click that (This is the Friends Setup) Uncheck the "Open 1:1 Chat between strangers" and "Open 1:1 Chat between friends". Then your good. Now PM chats will be sent to your chat window where you can go back to see what was said.
  25. ClockWork

    PVP Stats NPC

    Hey everyone, We have been working hard to promote more people to try out our pvp room. Which is located in prontera (@go 0) (144, 196) HINT: You can use /where to find your current location of a map with the coordinates to navigate So to help with that we have released kill streak announcements and a pvp stats npc to check up on how your doing amongst everyone in pvp. Firstly the PVP Stats Info npc is located in rachel (@go 23) (133,101). This npc is directly to your bottom right when you warp to the town of rachel. This npc can show numerous things such as: The most kills that have been gotten The highest killstreak The longest ownage streak Your own pvp information Explanation of all the pvp information The PVP announcer will announce when you have gotten a kill streak going in any pvp room globally to increase awareness that you are owning the pvp room. This will not work with those who are: Under level 70, Kill the same player more then 5 times, No more then 40 levels over the person that has been killed.
  26. Hey Everyone, Here is a guide on how to make the new Drooping Dragon Skull Helm First some stats on the Drooping Dragon Skull Helm: Max HP + 10% HP Recovery Rate +25% Adds 9% chance to drain 20% of damage dealt and regain it as HP Increases damage to all races by 50% Next lets talk about how to make this amazing helm! First off you start out journey in the town of Prontera (@go 0). We will go a little south from warp, and follow the trail to the left. Follow this trail until you reach Celcius. You will need to bribe him with: 1x 1 Carot Diamond 50x Flame Hearts 100,000 Zeny He will then send you to his brother who is located in the airport of the town of Einbroch (@go 19) To get to Vandel the brother of Celcius we head to Einbroch (@go 19), and then immediately go north into the warp. This will warp us into the airport Once in the airport there will be a warp to your right and left up a small flight of stairs. Use either one Once up stairs go to the north west corner of the room to find the brother He will ask you for a few items to forge into the Drooping Dragon Helm 10x Golden MVP Coins 1x Carnium 20x Well Dried Bones 100x Blue Bijou 100x Green Bijou 100x Red Bijou 100x Yellow Bijou 100x Dragon Horn 1000x Dragon Canine Once done you will get the Drooping Dragon Skull Helm
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