Server Information

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Pegasus Ragnarok Online

Server Information

Welcome to PegasusRO! We are a fun loving community of ragnarok online players who are passionate to continue to grow the story that we all know in the world of ragnarok.

We are constantly trying to improve the gaming experience so you will never have a dull moment.

With tons of custom quests, instances, and daily events, there will not be any boredom within this server.

So come on in and check out more information about this wonderful server before you make the dive into a wonderful adventure.

Rates & Info

Rates: 75x Base EXP / 75x Job EXP / 20x Drop rates

Max Level: 255 Base level / 120 Job level

Max Stats: 255

Max APS: 196

Server Type: Renewal System with Balanced 3rd Jobs.

Choice of a Red or Blue Valk Starter Set along with a few rentals, and starter bundle items to get your adventure started in the right track.